Your name is probably Jon.

This is my first blogpost on High Spots and Low Blows and as of its publishing, only two other men in the world know about it.  Their names are both Jon.

I started this blog on the day I quit my job copywriting at a web design firm.
It was the worst job I’ve ever had, a soul-sucking, make-you-question-your-own-existence, trudging-inexorably-toward-death kind of job.

In short, it made me feel like this.


Every day.

So I quit.

And I started this blog, High Spots and Low Blows, a pro wrestling blog with reviews, fantasy bookings, PPV picks and (hopefully) insightful commentary on the nature of the business and where we go from here.

Does Cena suck?  How much does Cena suck? In what ways could his sucking be abated and turned into non-sucking?  That kind of thing.

I hope you enjoy my ridiculous ramblings and self-righteous judgments cast upon men (and women) who could all kick my ass.

Bye for now.